A Military Man With A Penchant For Service.

My name is Jimmy Flynn and I’m the founder of Mission Mulch. I was a student at JMU and at the beginning of my Senior year, I decided after graduation I wanted to start my own non-profit providing vacations at sea for families of the Make-A-Wish foundation. I decided I could obtain my captain’s license and also serve my country by joining the United States Coast Guard after I graduated. I enlisted in the Coast Guard (CG) through the delayed entry program towards the end of my tenure at JMU.

Honoring Our Veterans Is My Mission.

After graduating, I worked for a year at a tropical resort awaiting my basic training date. Finally, after a year and 3 months I shipped out to boot camp. I was eventually assigned as a SN on the Coast Guard Cutter Halibut, an 87′ Marine Protector class patrol boat stationed out of Marina Del Rey, California. We were a crew of just 12 people and we became a tight-knit family as we spent almost all of our time together as a non-stop high op. tempo unit. Eight months after reporting to my unit, we spotted a drug vessel with members of the Sinaloa Cartel awaiting transfer of their drugs to a recreational boat. We surrounded them and ultimately we had to open fire on them once they intentionally ran over our response boat.. My mentor and friend, Senior Chief Horne, died after sustaining fatal injuries from the Cartel.

I began having difficulty dealing with his loss and slowly fell apart. After a year and a half at the unit, I was sent to my training school to become a Machinery Technician. I elected to be sent next to San Juan, PR aboard a 110′ Island class Patrol Boat. After reporting to my unit, I began experiencing what turned out to be the symptoms of PTSD. I eventually was diagnosed with Combat related PTSD and was hospitalized in Puerto Rico. Ultimately I was airlifted to Walter Reed hospital and hospitalized again, where I spent several months. My time there was a blessing in disguise as I realized my true calling in life was to give back to wounded and struggling veterans and their families. I promised myself whatever I did upon retirement from the service that I would give back to Veteran charities in honor of Senior Chief Horne’s sacrifice.

After being released from the hospital, I was put on indefinite sick leave until I was retired “which was a year and several months later”. I wasn’t allowed to work for the CG yet I wasn’t allowed to have a normal job while active duty. To keep myself mentally occupied, I began collecting scrap metal to pass the time. That kept me busy until the winter when there was no scrap to collect any more. Then I started collecting wooden pallets and selling them. Again, that was short lived and very hard work. Finally, spring came and I began mowing lawns, landscaping and spreading mulch. It was during this time I realized I wanted to start a mulch manufacturing business which would fulfill my childhood obsession with heavy equipment and also allow me to raise money for veteran charities.

Why “Mission Mulch”?

I decided to name my business, Mission Mulch, because I am on a mission to give back to Veterans one “Yard” at a time. $1 per Cu. Yd. will be donated directly to local Veteran Charities. With your business, we hope you realize you’re not only getting phenomenal products but you’re helping me live out my dream of helping Vets experience joy after tragedy and injuries.