mulch coloring process

Screened & Unscreened Topsoil

Mission Mulch is always listening to our customers and striving to offer more products. Soon, we’ll be offering screened and unscreened topsoil! Topsoil is usually just the top two inches of soil which contains the highest level of organic matter and microorganisms. It’s these microorganisms and nutrients that allow grass and flowers to thrive. We’ll offer this product in two forms; screened and unscreened. Topsoil, like all soils, contain rocks and sticks but Mission Mulch has a very expensive and specialized machine called a trommel. The trommel runs the soil through a ⅝” screen which only allows material fine enough to fit through the screen to pass. The rocks and clumps of soil aren’t able to pass through the screen and are discharged through a seperate conveyor. This means our screened product will be free of rocks and sticks for easier spreading but if you’re not as concerned about small rocks and sticks, we’ll offer unscreened topsoil at a lower price as well.

Red Oak Bark Mulch

Another new product we’ll begin carrying is red oak bark mulch. Like all bark mulches, red oak bark mulch begins its journey as whole logs at sawmills. Those logs are run through a machine called a debarker which peels the bark off the logs so those logs can be manufactured into logs. The bark is gathered up and aged, then ground up through a tub grinder like all mulches. The red oak bark mulch is distinctive in color and is characterised by a red hue throughout the product. Like our dark bark mulch, the stringy consistency of the bark means insects have a harder time breaking it down meaning the mulch will last longer. Mission Mulch will be one of the only mulch suppliers in the Harrisonburg area carrying this mulch.

Hardwood Fines

A popular request Mission Mulch receives from our customers is to carry very fine particle size mulch. Our trommel screen will actually soon allow us to carry hardwood fines. Our double shredded hardwood will be run through the trommel screen which will separate all mulch ⅜” and finer out a separate conveyor. Those fines will be excellent at weed suppression and returning nutrients to the soil rapidly since they decompose quickly.