27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard or in terms of bags, that’s 9, three cubic foot bags

You Must Spread It 24 Hours Prior To Precipitation

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Termites in Virginia live in the soil. The presence of termites means they were there beforehand but now have moisture cover and burrow between the soil and the mulch. Natural mulch is put put through a machine called a tub grinder. It’s essentially hammers swinging at 2,400 rpm. As you can imagine, nothing can survive that. Furthermore, all of our mulches are double shredded so they’d have to survive the impossible yet again. Even then, if you had the world’s toughest termites, they must endure the heat of the windrows which generates heats above 160 degrees. You can ask your personal exterminator and they’ll confirm this.

Pallets are the wooden platforms that are used in industrial and commercial operations to move products around with forklifts. As those pallets are circulated, some are damaged beyond repair and no longer can be used. Pallet companies dispose of them by grinding them up and calling them “Mulch”. Pallets are riddled with nails, staples and plastic from shrinkwrap. Some are even painted. Pallet “Mulch” is inexpensive but for a reason.

The question I ask people is what was on the pallet before it became your mulch? Car batteries, oil drums, paint, chemicals? Since I used to collect pallets for resale, I can tell you you never know what you’ll find in or on a pallet. They also provide little nutrient value to the garden beds and must be dyed since they don’t decompose like natural mulch does. Pallet mulch is also notorious for washing away in rain compared to natural hardwood because pallets are kiln dried prior to production. Most importantly, while most of the nails are pulled out by magnets, there is always a chance the magnets didn’t get all the nails out meaning children or animals may step on them.

No. Legally, I can not, nor would I, sell any product that had dangerous chemicals or dyes. No mulch legally for sale is allowed to be sold after being treated with pesticides or herbicides. They’d have to have a hazmat warning on them. Secondly, good mulch providers use liquid dye from a very reputable company. I only buy my dye from a company commonly regarded as the most reputable in the industry. The manufacturer’s MSDS is available on our website or store.

If you’re on a budget, there’s nothing dangerous about using those cheap bags of mulch you see in home improvement stores but in the mulch industry, you get what you pay for. A common trick the general public is unaware of is that some manufacturers call their bagged mulches “premium” mulches, but it’s in fact a clever way to trick the consumer to thinking their getting a quality product when in fact it’s pallet mulch. Always be sure to buy mulches that are labeled hardwood or natural. The colorant they use is also extremely poor quality and will not last very long.

A general rule of thumb is that a cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately 100 sq feet at three inches depth. For the most accurate estimation, we recommend you use our Mulch Calculator.